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Get Up, Get On is exactly what the name says.

Our focus targets mind shift effectiveness through Motivational Talks, Team Coaching, One on One Coaching as well as Training interventions.

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What people have to say

We need more straight conversationalists like Darren in the organisation. The reason why we are not progressing as fast as what we could be is because we are too "polite" with each other instead of have the robust conversations around solutions. There should be no ego's when it concerns the organisation's best interest

Good story on a young man with a perfect life, who has accepted this the changes and is now an amazing person.

It was a good talk, which helped me look at life from a different perspective

Was an amazing and captivating talk. There should be more talks like this.

It was a great motivational talk about getting to know your strengths even in a time of weakness and not letting anything or anyone limit you.

It was very inspiring, eye opening. It was relevant to the situation that I was going through and helped me make better decision

It's a great encouragement to many people. to stand up, succeed, fight. Realise your purpose and make it come to life.

It was a true inspirational talk. As the saying goes "You see faces but you don't see hearts". We are quick to judge but do we really know... Everyone has a story, listening to talks like this one makes people realise they are not alone in whatever they are going through. Keep up the talk absolutely awesome to listen to you, besides being very brave, you are determined to not let what happened affect your future. Absolutely enjoyed the sense of humour. Good luck in whatever goals you set for yourself going forward.

I love the talk. Darren shared a story which most would find depressing in a very humorous manner. We all need a Darren in our lives.

It was a great session. Sharing is key, many people can learn something from his story.

The talk was brilliant, it took me back a little and helped me to refocus, life sometimes gets the better of you and you sometimes forget to focus on the important things. Seeing Darren always makes me remember that there are more important things in life than the silly little things we worry about.

Hard hitting. These talks cut to the bone. I love Darren's message to not wait for a life changing experience to change your life and own it. These talks were meaningful to me and inspiring on an emotional, intellectual and spiritual level. I went twice. Both times I learned and realized something profound. He changed the way I see the world and my choices.

It was a brilliant and very inspiring story. It would be awesome to have more of these types of sessions where we get to be inspired by our very own colleagues.